Moving on to more sunny things in beaches!

It's already November. Wow these past few month went by extremely fast. With the Indiegogo campaign being a bust in June and the Kickstarter project being canceled we took a little hit and had to regroup. But we decided to move forward. SUNNY is now available for purchases via our shop. We ship directly from the USA! We are even incl. FREE shipping for all USA orders for now. And international orders have a simple flat fee of $10 to ship just about anywhere else in the world!

Pretty sweet huh? So for those of you that have patiently waited, you may go ahead and order now! We will pack and ship within 1-2 days and you will get your tracking number via email right away. Neat huh?

Here is a little "Thank you!" for all you that still really wanted a SUNNY case. Use the code "comeback10" to get 10% off your order. Get yours now!


The Sunny Team