Shop up and running! Now what?

Looks like we set up a fully functioning shop overnight. Awesome. We are rather surprised with ourselves! But now we have to address the real issue here. And that is the suspension of our SUNNY project on Kickstarter. We have send the support team several messages already to no response. This could be because of the weekend. However it's pretty brutal for us not knowing what's going on.

Anyhow if you are a backer from our Kickstarter project, we hope that you will come over to our shop and simply place a order for a SUNNY case here. We are still on track to ship all rewards and pre-oders in the first and second week of October.

Will keep you posted once we get more news from Kickstarter. As of now we can not send messages, contact backers or even post an update! Our account is basically frozen and all pledges are canceled.

If you have questions just contact us directly via email, twitter or facebook. Also if you want to know why this happened, send a message to Kickstarter! As we can not answer it either. We are trying to figure it out as well.